De Kabouterdans

[The Gnome Dance] - Rhymed Translation

This version was apparently done several times in London by a visiting group form the Netherlands. Now English speakers can do the Kabouterdans in their native tongue! (I'm not sure how I feel about translating "kabouter" as "goblin" however...goblins usually have a negative connotation in English...then again, the song does require more syllables than "gnome" provides...oh well...) Thanks to Nelleke for sending this my way.
Draai een keer in het rond
Stamp met je voeten op de grond
Zwaai je armen in de lucht
Ga nu zitten met een zucht
Stap nu rond als een gans
Zo gaat de kabouterdans!
Turn yourself all around
Stamp your feet down on the ground
Wave your arms in the air
Now sit down like on a chair
Walk like a goose in a trance
This is the goblin dance!

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