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Monday, November 03, 2003

Go Patriots!

After visiting Boston, with its Freedom Trail featuring famous Revolutionary War sites, and having recently listened to Rise to Rebellion on tape, I felt saturated by the spirit of the patriots--the brave Americans who stood up for liberty over two hundred years ago. This made me think of the Patriot Act, and the irony of using the word "patriot" for something (however well intentioned) that limits liberty! A quick web search lets me know that I'm not alone in making this connection; one site compares anti-Patriot Act groups to the Sons of Liberty in Boston, while another quotes an activist: "it is truly Orwellian double-speak to call such unpatriotic efforts a 'patriot act.' "

While I agree that we should give our law enforcement agencies adequate means to root out domestic terrorism, it disturbs me that the word "patriot" has been shanghaied to mean something like "loyal American" as opposed to its original meaning--one who was willing to fight and die for liberty.

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