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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Not Just Reading The Scarlet Letter

I stumbled across a newspaper article about the high school which is literally across the street from our apartment, Wando High School ("Home of the Warriors!"). It seems that if students violate the dress code (which is pretty lax, even compared to my own "hippie California" co-ed, non-tie-wearing Jesuit school),
they are forced to put the XXXL shirt on the right over their clothes,
like a big orange smock. That's right, they're using public humiliation
to force young ladies to stop exposing their bellybuttons.

This sounds like a great policy, since the punishment exactly fits the crime: Wear something inappropriate? Then you'll be forced to wear something (socially) inappropriate! Moreover, it covers up the erstwile offensive clothing. I suppose it could backlash, with a whole class breaking the dress code intentionally so the school runs out of t-shirts or something, but nevertheless, it seems much more appropriate than something like detention.

Still, many parents objected that the rule is too harsh! One parent is quoted as saying, "You don't make people wear degrading, humiliating shirts in front of others, where it can psychologically damage a young mind." Riiight. So it's better to make people sit in detention and stare at their (still bare) navel for an hour, intellectually damaging a young mind by boring it to tears?

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