Roll #2

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1. MIDN Jernigan and Paganucci, silhouetted against the Austin (at left) and the French Riviera

2. The Austin and a beautiful sunset

3. …which was so beautiful it merited yet another shot

4. close-up of the Austin from the last picture

5. Cannes from the "Suquet" (an old church up on the hill)

6. St. Paul de Vence, one of the few remaining walled cities in France, from afar

7. The famous wall at St. Paul

8. "La Messe Provençal" at the Suquet. So it turns out that the patron saint of the Suquet (Saint Sauver??) was having his feast day on the Sunday we were in Cannes. So, there were a whole bunch of people in traditional garb, and after the mass…

9. They danced around a fire and shot muskets in the air. Quite a sight.

10. Monaco

11. Justin and Craig with Monaco and the Oceanography Museum in the background

12. The other side of Monaco, as seen from the Oceanography Museum

13. Monte Carlo Casino, with some cheap cars parked out in front.

14. Underway replenishment; this is where an oiler sends over fuel lines so we can refuel (or "replenish") while at sea (or "under way"...get it?)

15. ...during which, the sea between the two ships gets really calm. It looks like glass at some points. By the way, a helicopter took a really good shot of the Austin and Saipan both "unrepping" at the same time.

16. MM3 Owens mans the throttles as MIDN Chrystal flashes a big grin; MM1 Whittaker (my running mate) studies a gage intently in the back

17. A tug pulls the Austin into Civitavecchia (say: "chee-vee-tah-VAYK-kia") as the Boatswain Mates handle the lines. You can see the CIWS at the left, and the "Christmas Tree" RF antenna near the bow.

18. Santa Maria Maggiore, one of the oldest churches in Rome

19. The Coliseum and Roman Forum

20. Inside of the Coliseum

21. The second class midshipmen outside of the arch of Titus

22. The Forum.

23. More of the Forum

24. The occulus in the Pantheon. It's a really cool dome that dates back from the Roman days, with a circular opening in the top.

25. The Sant' Ignazio church. They ran out of money for the dome, so they painted a false one in. Sadly, you can't really see it here. There's also a really cool painting on the ceiling that makes it look like the church leads straight up into heaven, with Jesus and St. Ignatius right up there ready to get ya.

26. The Piazza Navona with a river god fountain in the middle. The sign on the kiosk on the left side reads, "Cheaper than K-mart! Blue light special."

27. The famous Trevi fountain. You're supposed to throw a coin over your shoulder and wish for a return trip.

28. Laocoön (I think it's pronounced "Lay-ah-coh-wahn"), one of the most famous sculptures in the Vatican Museums, which seems much enjoyed by the Japanese tourists

29. The School of Athens, painted on a wall in one of the former pope's chambers, which are now part of the Vatican Museums

30. Saint Peter's Basillica and the Pope's backyard

31. Starting with this one, the most beautiful pictures of the St. Peter's interior you will ever see...

32. More of the most beautiful pictures of St. Peters ever taken

33. By the way, if you want to see real pictures of St. Peter's, check out

34. Okay, this is supposed to show the cool effect of the light streaming down from the windows, as if saying "I bless this place." You can see this shot done right, by the guy. Be sure to check out the high-resolution version if your internet is's quite a sight.

35. View from the top of the Cupola on St. Peters

36. All the second-class mids just after disembarking

37. Wait a minute…there's another picture left on this roll!