Douglas, The Isle of Man

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Pulling in
Pulling into Douglas, with the Belgian jack proudly flying. "So, are all the women there 'mannish'?" we joked before we got there. It turns out that inhabitants of the Isle of Man are Manx, as in the cat with no tail. They're very proud of being Manx, and the "three legs of mann" are everywhere on the island. They also have certain sayings in "Manx Gaelic," like Traa-dy-liooar, which means "time enough," roughly equivalent to the Mexican mañana. A very nice place, with some beautiful countryside (which, sadly, was mostly closed off for fear of Hoof and Mouth Disease).

Pier with Lobelia and Primula
In front of the Lobelia and Primula in Douglas harbor. All the flags are for the Belgian National Day on July 21st (celebrating the anniversary of King Leopold I's ascension in 1831). None of the Belgians got all that excited about the holiday, however--when I mentioned it, most looked at their watches and said, "Oh, yeah, that's right--it is the National Day. Thanks."

High Tea
Ben and me having High Tea at a cool place in Douglas called "Copperfield's Olde Teas Shoppe & Restaurant." Very friendly people, and very good scones.

Meeting the Mayor of Douglas
Shaking the hand of the Mayor of Douglas at the reception. On the right is our Captain (or "Commandant," as the Belgians would have it), CDR Pascal DePoorter

The Mayor trades his necklace
The Mayor and one of the Primula's officers decide to switch necklaces! In the back, King Albert and Queen Paola look on in approval.

Douglas harbormaster
Shaking the hand of Roger Pescodd, the Douglas harbormaster, MBE, and ex-submariner. He told us lots of great stories about his time on submarines. I also got to meet his wife, Pauline, a Manx native, who works for the government.

The Cave
Me, Kurt (a junior officer from the Primula), and Ben in "The Cave," a club in Douglas, on the eve of our departure. Ben and Kurt may seem to be a bit over-friendly in this picture, which requires an explanation: They went to the Ministry of Sound in London and a girl was all over Kurt (who is married). In order to keep her off of him, Ben and Kurt pretended that they were gay lovers. And, so, here they reprise their role...

Peter's Scheme for me
Debonair Pieter explaining to me his scheme for me: "Look, Luke, all you have to do is find a woman who lives near the airport...and then the next morning you go get your flight. No need for a cab!"

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Other Photos: On the Boat (part 1) | On the Boat (part 2) | Brussels | Bruges | Oslo | London