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I count myself as a proud alumnus of the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps at UC Berkeley.  True, it's at the home of the Weenies (that's what the Cardinal call Cal people), but it was a great opportunity and a lot of fun.
Current (and former) midshipmen should check out my NROTC Info Page for useful gouge on subjects such as close order drill and cadences.
Note: while I'm no longer in NROTC, I've decided to keep this all in the present tense, both because it's less awkward, and because I'm lazy:

What do we do in NROTC?

Well, every Thursday we head out to Weenieland, departing the Farm at about noon and arriving back sometime late at night (as early as 7 and as late as 11). While we're up there, we do two things: "drill" and "class." (Note that the Berkeley unit is [somewhat] unique in that we do all of our activities for the week pretty much on one day...this is because there are midshipmen (i.e. college students who are officers in trainig) at UC Davis, Stanford, Cal Maritime, and UC Berkeley, all of whom have to get together in one place.)


This consists of the following:


We have between two and three hours of Navy classes a week, which we attend just after drill. The classes are taught by the officers in the NROTC unit, who are all adjunct professors at UC Berkeley in the department of "Naval Science." (Thus, sometimes we refer to the commanding officer as the "PNS," or "Professor of Naval Science.") The classes vary in length, difficulty, quality, and utility: some, like Naval Science 1, are deadfully easy, while others, like Ship Systems, involve a lot of engineering. Probably the most useful one we've taken so far was Navigation--seeing as not running into other ships is somewhat important--but the course materials were a bit dated.

Why do I do NROTC?

A lot of people ask me this; the following are the main reasons:

Cruises, Articles, and Other Fun NROTC Stuff