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I've collected some of the stuff I've written and spewed it out here for your enjoyment and/or disgust:

A little poem written as a freshman in high school

An Observation on the Course of Poetry in Modern Society
Another fit of poetic genius gone awry

Bless Me, Mother, For I Have Sinned: Women in the Priesthood
An argument for the ordination of  Roman Catholic women priests

Why Photographers Say "Say Cheese!"
One answer to this puzzling question

The Info Highwayman
A parody of "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes

The Intolerable Fumes of Garlic
A Poeian story of bulbs, mortar, and uxoricide.

A Riddle
Another Poe-like tale told in rhyme

Stanford University’s Athletic Scholarship Policy
An argument for getting rid of athletic merit scholarships

The Legalization of Drugs: Questioning the Legality of Drug Prohibition
I don't actually agree with everything I say here, but I think it's a compelling argument

The GB-wocky
A parody of "The Jabberwocky" for Symbolic Systems majors.

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