NROTC Resources

Resources for Navy ROTC (NROTC) midshipmen, especially those at UC Berkeley, who should also consult the NROTC UC Berkeley battalion and unit websites.

Close-Order Drill

Learn all about the art and science of marching


Information about cadences, or "jodies," used to keep a group of people in step when marching or running


Information about NROTC athletics; includes information about how to succeed on the PRT.

Hints and Tips for Summer Cruise (PDF)

Some basic information about summer cruise; what questions to ask, useful knowledge.

"What are you going to do? Selecting a Service" (PDF)

Information about the many career opportunities open to NROTC midshipmen when doing service selection. (A Word version is also available.) Note that as of 2010, female midshipmen may now apply to the submarine program.

"From Midshipman to Ensign: A Guide for Newly Commissioned Officers" (PDF)

A guide for newly commissioned Ensigns in the US Navy...designed for NROTC UC Berkeley graduates, but contains useful information for any new ensign. (A Word version is also available.)

Guide to Charleston (PDF)

Guide to living in/around the Charleston area, home to Nuclear Power School and one of the two Prototype sites.

Groton Gouge (PDF)

Favorite restaurants, base hours, etc. for Naval Submarine Base New London...which is technically in Groton, CT even though they call it "New London" (last updated 2005).

Wikinapoli - Naples, Italy

Should you have the opportunity to do shore duty in Naples (Italy) or elsewhere in Europe, Wikinapoli provides information on how to make the most of your tour there.

Hooyah! Dive School Gouge

To be added soon...information about doing Sub SCUBA at Dive School in Panama City, FL.

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