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Disclaimer: This site hasn't been updated since about 2003; however, it's still popular for such wonders as Fun with Dutch and Navy/Military Running/Marching Cadences.

Skywalkerswartz Blog
Semi-regular updates on what I'm doing or thinking about. Also see my Consumer Blog
About Stanford and West Lag
Stanford is my alma mater and still very close to my heart; this page describes a little bit of my experiences there, and also describes West Lagunita, a dorm in which I lived for three years. And no, I still haven't met Chelsea Clinton.
I attended the aforementioned university (almost) free of charge through the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship. This page describes NROTC, as well as some of the cruises I went on, like my 2001 FOREX Cruise with the Belgian Navy.
Musings, Rants, and Raves
A collection of poems, short stories, papers, and other drivel
Academic Stuff
Papers, projects, etc. that I worked on at Stanford [note: takes you to a different site]
Bach's Secular Cantatas
A GeoCities web page I set up concerning some of my more eccentric musical favorites
A resource for people living in or visiting Naples.

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